Our Mission

Rooted in inclusivity and proudly LGBTQ+ and black-friendly, we're committed to serving the underserved. With every pour, we craft vibrant experience that celebrate diversity, bridging the gap between innovation and tradition.

At the intersection of passion and community, New Wave Libations redefines mobile bartending, infusing events with a kaleidoscope of flavors and cultures.

Join us in raising a glass to unity, diversity and the extraordinary tapestry that is Pittsburgh.

Our Vision

As a women-owned business, we prioritize serving the underserved, creating lasting memories at every event. Beyond gatherings, we engage with the community, collaborate with local businesses and offer a movement where choosing us means supporting positive impact.

Elevate your celebrations, embrace diversity, and join the new wave of flavorful and creative event experiences with New Wave Libations!

Cheers to celebrating with purpose!